lifeline Indep. agents-(L1)

Some agents work alone with little or no supervision and have great success.

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 We are looking to hire the right people to be one of our Platinum Field Agents.

lifeline manager agents-(l3)

Some agents go all out and build a powerful team of 5, 10, or more agents that totally capture the market. These are serious business men and women. Leadership training is provided for this level of commitment.

lifeline team agents-(l2)

Some agents really attack the market and work with 2-4 teammates. Servicing the community has never been so rewarding than when a group of friends work together.Team perks and bonuses can be earned at this level.This is a great fund raiser for any cause.

Platinum Services Agency is the premier recruting agency that screens, hires and trains highly qualified men and women to be Authorized Lifeline Agents.  We are very committed to serving communities nationwide with the best possible Lifeline services in the industry.


We employ and train only agents who have a sincere desire to make their community a better place to live by providing top quality Lifeline services to all qualified customers. Our agents are the best of the best in customer service and are very knowledgeable in the services they offer.


If you are interested in becoming one of our Platinum Lifeline Agents you must be ambitious, coachable and willing to work, following our proven system of success. Our agents have enrolled tens of thousands of customers into the lifeline program, so we have the experience to help you become successful. Click below to complete the questionnaire and someone from Agent Activations Department will contact you for an interview.

lifeline services

We offer free phones, free talk-time and free text messaging to qualified clients.

Authorized Lifeline Agents Employment Agency

lifeline agent Partners-(L2)

Some of our agents work with a partner or as a couple.